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Each piece is handmade with care, using only the best metals available. With a variety of high quality metals to choose from you can be assured your piece will be beautiful. None of our metals will turn your skin green, flake or chip. All of our metals are nickel free. We stand by our work and offer a warranty on many of our items.


Our jewelry is all lovingly handmade with you in mind. Every single piece is unique in its own way; no two pieces are exactly the same. Our vision is to create simple, meaningful jewelry that is comfortable enough for everyday wear.

Personalized & Meaningful

Each one of us have moments in our lives that define us, shape us, change us, and make us who we are. Let us stamp those moments into a special piece for you or your loved ones. Turn a special memory into a gift that will be cherished forever. Add your favorite mantra, term of endearment, date, and more to make your piece truly yours!GGet your handmade jewelry today

The Redheaded Jeweler is about much more than jewelry and keychains. It is about sharing your story with the world, remembering the chapters in your life that hold special meaning to you, and encouraging you to make your story better each and every day. It is about allowing you to wear your story, or carry it with you everywhere you go. It’s about simplicity, meaning, and joy for every day of your life.

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