About Us

The Redheaded Jeweler was born from Stamped Stories by Heidi. Stamped Stories by Heidi was started in 2017 when Heidi Gardner found a passion in making jewelry. Heidi wanted to personalize jewelry to provide quality and meaningful pieces at an affordable price. She loves hearing the stories behind each piece and lovingly crafting your jewelry.

Personalized Jewelry

Meaningful, personalized jewelry is about sharing your story with the world, remembering the chapters in your life that hold special meaning to you, and encouraging you to make your story better each and every day. It is about allowing you to wear your story, or carry it with you everywhere you go.

Handmade For You

Through the years Heidi has come to love creating not only personalized jewelry, but also comfortable jewelry that is simple, dainty, and can be worn anytime. No longer is all jewelry stamped, but it is all handmade with you in mind.

In 2022 the idea was born to expand the business and Heidi decided to partner with her sister, Andrea Marinovic. Heidi loves to make the jewelry and Andrea loves the business side of things. With a vision to continue to create simple, meaningful jewelry that is comfortable enough for women and girls to wear everyday in 2023 they officially became The Redheaded Jeweler.


About Heidi & Andrea

Heidi lives in rural Utah and is married to Trevor Gardner. She is the mom of 6 kids, including 2 sets of twins. Andrea is married to Ivica Marinovic and is a mom to 3 girls. Her family resides in Texas.

We are so happy to serve you and create affordable jewelry you can enjoy each day.

xxoo Heidi & Andrea.


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